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  • Do you deliver?
    Yes, for orders of $ 50 or more, we offer FREE delivery within 40 miles of Piedmont, SC.
  • Do you offer gluten-free sweets?
    Yes, we do offer gluten-free sweets, please check on our Main Page "Gluten Free Sweets"
  • Which farmer's markets do you guys frequent?
    Currently we go to: Travellers Rest Farmers Market The Toasty Farmers Market in Greenville during wintertime Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for info on additional pop-up markets and events we attend throughout the year.
  • What part of Italy are you from?
    Sicily :)
  • Do you cater special events?
  • Do you have any dairy-free options?
    Yes! Our Almond Cookies and Pignoli (Pine Nuts) Cookies are totally dairy Free.
  • Do you offer catering services?
    yes, we cater for small events, weddings and a variety of celebrations.
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